About Us

Royal Udoh & Cards Investment Ltd is a world class manufacturing and merchant company with Imagocard as its trade mark. We specializes on class 16 products such as paper classes, printed matters, book binding materials, photograph materials, plaint brushier, cardboards, printers, plastic cards (PVC), Ribbons, Lanyards and  card Holders.
This company was established in the year 2008 and has its head office in Lagos and branch office in Abuja. We have many customers around the nation. We deliver our products to our customer as quickly as possible. We cover every parts of the country.
We are reliable and willing to serve you better at all cost.


We are always in business because we produce the best.

We Deliver and sale Imago cards and accessories that create the effect of innovative presence. It  immerses you in the real world with a volume of 360 viewing angle. Enjoy a truly realistic and stunning print designs, cards, lanyards & holders etc with high resolution and quality.

Our Mission

To deliver quality product at affordable price as quickly as possible. To be the solution you are looking for all the time

Our Vision

To make sure our product is widely use all over the world because of its good quality
Simply the best!

Our Works